Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dust is slowly settling...

Shew...sit down with me for five minutes..please. Bring drinks...those that require an ID if you've got them!

We got the keys to the house about 8 p.m. on Thursday. We made a beeline for it. While waiting for laundry to dry, Peanut and I spent some waterless time in the new master bath tub. This thing is massive and humongeous all at the same time! Needless to say Thursday night was a late night.

On the way home from the house, it all just gets to me and I reach a point where I need to be heavily drinking or be in the vicinity of comfort food. I spot the golden arches and it goes down hill from there. We're sitting in the drive thru (it's nearly midnight) and Mister turns to look at me and says, "I don't see how you could be hungry." We then enter into a discussion about how I sometimes have to use french fries to medicate myself to deal with the stress and considering we've been married several years now, you'd think he'd have noticed this already. He then has the audacity to say to me, "You should really find a better way to handle your stress, it's not healthy". Mister is a former pack and a half a day smoker. If he's had a bad day, 6-8 beers magically disappear from the fridge. THIS from the man who has gained 35 pounds in 2 1/2 months!!! I mustered up all of my self-control and looked at him to say quietly, "Well, I used to have time to knit but since we're moving and it's my responsibility to secure the house, all utilities, money to pay for it, pack all items, clean all areas, cook, arrange for movers AND work 50 hours a week..I haven't had time. So we're going with the french fries tonight". His response was, "Well when things quiet down you should go back to knitting and I should probably stop complaining about it, huh?" Yeah..that might be a good idea.

So on Friday, I wake up to a sore throat. It gets worse as the day progresses. It's another late night and I just ignore it because I don't have time to be sick. Saturday, I'm up at 5:30 and off to the grocery store to pick up cough drops and cereal. Peanut needs breakfast and I need some help with the sore throat. Friends start arriving at the apartment at 9 a.m. We're so not ready to move. I'm totally mortified...I'm moving at the speed of light (well, as close as I get) to pack and organize. By 11, we have three pick up trucks and a trailer full of stuff. I go to pick up pizza's and find the first little ceasars I stop at to be closed. Closed on a Saturday??!! I had to go way out of the way to hit the one by our old, old apartment. I'm getting progressively sicker as the day goes. I get to the house to find the three cleanest women I know have found mice droppings under the kitchen sink and in the adjacent cupboards. Loverly. I'm now running a fever and experiencing aches in my legs. I can't deal with anymore and send them all home at 4 p.m. I resist their protests of wanting to stay and help, but I just can't do it. By 5, Peanut & Mister were on their way to the store and I was in bed with a fever. Sunday, I spent 5 hrs at the apartment cleaning, packing & loading the car. Still running a fever and feeling horrible. I got home and Mister unloaded the car. I find that while I've been gone, he's made friends with the longnecks in the fridge and has come to a realization that he sucks. He FINALLY admitted that he should have helped me pack and move. Thanks, buddy. We decide that Peanut and I should both stay home on Monday to chill out and rest up as we think she's now running a fever.

Despite needing the rest, my mental health depended upon the state of chaos our kitchen was in. I spent the day cleaning, arranging, rearranging and chasing Peanut...but feeling better (finally!). Mister came home and gave Peanut a bath (photos to come soon) but neglected to notice dinner needed to be put away while I was at the grocery store. Another late night..but I'm feeling better.

That brings us to today. My first day in the office with my boss being gone. My first day taking Peanut to her new day care provider. My first day in 2 years since I've had a commute all to myself! Peanut surprised me a bit and was hesitant to hang out with the new sitter. We distracted her with a bouncy furry beast in a cage wanting nothing more than to get out and smother her in puppy kisses. I snuck out while she was checking out the toy room. Did I mention our new sitter is also our next door neighbor? When I called to check on Miss Thing, she invited us to her son's birthday party and trick-or-treating with the other neighbors. THIS is why we moved. THIS is why we'll be a bit chilly this winter scrimping to pay the gas bill. THIS is why we'll be cutting back on everything. A happy Peanut in a nice neighborhood is worth it's weight in something much more expensive and precious than gold.

**NOTE: Sorry about the lack of knitting content. There really isn't anything to talk about. I can't remember the last stitch I made. I'm hoping that will change soon. A blog is cheaper than therapy, but I know life will be back to "normal" soon. Hang in there with me.


Wool Winder said...

Sounds like you are having a rough time. Moving is hard work and stressful. And, being sick at the same time...the worst. All of this will be a distant memory one day. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I would have emailed you but i do not know the email addy. Please email me at mrsbrooks@gmail.com

CrazyFiberLady said...

Oh my you've had it rough. I'm sorry you were feeling so sick. That had to be horrible feeling like that and doing the moving thing. Geez are all men oblivious? Single is starting to look better and better. Sounds like a great new neighborhood!

Jan said...

Something just isn't quite right here! :-) Even MOVING shouldn't be this difficult...but then again, you're married! HAHAHA! I think next time I get the urge to get married, I'll adopt another child. It's easier and far less frustrating!

Go get a flu shot now and don't get sick anymore!

Take care!