Saturday, November 05, 2005

As life slows down...

This is the first weekend in nearly a month that I don't have an apartment to worry about. I can't tell you what a relief that is to me. Mister and his buddy ventured out and picked up our "new" furniture. My friend Lisa moved to Tucson and gave us her living room set. Now that she's a full fledged orthopedic surgeon, she can afford something quite a bit nicer for her new sprawling ranch. She also gave us the table & chairs from her basement. We now have a place to sit and eat in the kitchen. The house kind of feels complete now. The big empty spaces are gone. The boxes have been distributed to the rooms they belong to and are just waiting for someone to unpack them. All in due time. I need a small vacation first.

A couple weeks ago we visited A Stitch In Time in Howell. Very nice LYS. I think it'd be worth the trip out there from time to time. The ladies in the shop were fabulous. It was Mister and Peanut's first LYS trip. They sat down at the big ol' wooden table and hung out while I shopped. They have an awesome selection of Addi Turbos!! I broke down and bought my first one. It's fabulous! I think I'm addicted. I also picked up the Fibertrends felted ballet slipper pattern. I've seen it around online for a while and it was a impulse buy. I got home and found my new needle was just the right size for it and OH! that skein of Cascade 220 in purple was screaming to jump out of the stash. This is the first project I've started without a recipient in mind. It's also my first felted item. I have one done and am barely started on the second. I'm thinking tomorrow might offer some time for progress during the 30 loads of laundry that needs to be done.

Peanut seems to have taken another personality change in the last week. The highs are higher and the lows are lower and they are closer together. Wow. If she was an adult, I'd suggest some paxil or something. I'm sure this too will pass soon.

I did scout out the new Lyon's Den yarn shop in South Lyon. I have yet to find the opportunity to visit. Amy has paid it a visit and said some nice things. I joke with the Mister that they heard we were moving out here and that I would need a LYS. From what I've heard, it's only been open a month or so.

On a sad note, after much discussion with the Mister and a lot of thought...I've decided it would be best for everyone if I stepped down as the Preemie Project Michigan Chapter Co-coordinator. I'm not leaving the group but will now be a volunteer rather than coordinating donations and hospital stuff. It was a hard decision to make, but it would have been selfish for me to continue on when I really don't have the time to keep things in check at home and work and the MI chapter. Jan will now be taking over. She and Laura have been tremendously supportive and I can't even begin to tell them how much I've appreciated it.

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Wool Winder said...

Glad things are slowing down some. Felting is fun. Can't wait to see how your slippers turn out.