Friday, June 02, 2006

The Devil and IKEA

IKEA opens near our house on Wednesday, June 7th. Yeah, not going anywhere near it for at least two weeks. The radio commercials are announcing that people can begin lining up to get in on Monday, June 5th. I understand IKEA is supposed to be an amazing experience, but I think I'm a little over camping out for things. Good luck to everyone that will be going, though.

I do believe the Devil has decided our house is his new vacation home. Our sweet little Peanut went from a smiling, chubby, blonde toddler to a spitting, biting, pooh-smearing nightmare in the last two weeks. Lord help us. Not a whole lot of knitting has been going on while the battle of wills has been taking place. I can tell you we now have liquor in the fridge and I'm not afraid to use it. We're taking all suggestions. Offer them up if you've got them. She's 2 1/2 and I don't know that we'll all make it to 3.

On the knitting front...Erin and I started our mini KAL on the Friday or Memorial Day weekend. I have 13 dropped stitches so far. I'm going to keep increasing until the first skein runs out. Then I figure two skeins for the straight rows and then the last skein for the decrease. That's the plan so far. I also have two repeats done on my Amazing Lace partner, double Branching Out. Photos to come soon, I promise. The Baby Cashmere yarn is fabulous.

I'm off to dinner with our friend & neighbor for her birthday. It's just the ladies/moms going, so it should be nice and quiet.


Amby said...

Oy...I was wondering about the blog-silence. I don't have kids but we do use a squirt bottle on the Russells when they get get out of hand...

Laura said...

Ikea. Wow. We don't have one of those in Wichita. Good luck resisting them. Sounds like a new restaurant with all the excitement - sheesh!

Oh my word - I hope Peanut makes it to age 3. Have you tried Amby's squirt bottle method? It might make her laugh. :)

Carie said...

IKEA - oh boy! We have them in England. The last time they opened a new one in North London the traffic was queing back onto the M25 (very big 4 lane motorway that goes round London) and a couple of people got crushed when they opened the doors. Good Luck and possibly take a map, compass and emergency rations - in the UK they are always set up in big warehouses with no windows and a very twisty route through EVERYTHING to the checkout. Having said that they do have some great stuff! Enjoy and good luck with Peanut :)