Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Super Fast Drive Thru Post

Peanut had her first swim class

The Easter Bunny paid us a visit. He has great taste in yarn, dvds and chocolates.

The weather finally cooperated enough for Peanut to try out her new two-wheel bike.

And, I just got the best news yet this year! Can't share just yet...but it's no coincidence that it's timed along with the tax deadline.


Rhonda said...

Whatever the good news is, YOU DESERVE IT! It is good to see you are feeling better.

CrazyFiberLady said...

I'm with Rhonda, whatever the good news is, excellent! You really do deserve it.

Oh yay for Peanut! A two-wheeler? She looks like such a big happy girl on that bike.

Laura said...

Two wheels?? Oh my gosh. I can't deal with that. Way too grown up. ha I haven't even gotten the tricycle out for Emeline yet.

We really loved swimming lessons - now we're doing gymnastics at the Y and it's a blast too!

Re Harry Potter movies - the only one Emeline likes is the second one - it's got a lot little novelty monsters and graphics and events that keep it at an interesting pace for her. The others are boring and if we try to trick her she says "This is NOT Chamber of Secrets!" heh

Sweet pictures of Peanut in her Easter Dress - her hair is so pretty. Yummy basket from the Easter Bunny! I wonder why he didn't bring ME any yarn?? Hmmm.... :)

Mary said...

Wow! The Easter Bunny did a good job delivering to your house. Loved seeing Peanut on the two-wheeler and in her Easter finery. Glad you had some good news.