Friday, August 29, 2008

Summer Catch Up...

Wow, I can't believe it's been six weeks since I've posted anything here. Sorry about that. It's been a crazy, busy Summer.

There's been lots of knitting. I can't believe the number of FOs I have just from the last few months.

I took my first ever knitting class at Threadbear in July. It was a lot of fun and I got to meet some nice people. I'm about 1/3 of the way through the lace scarf. Here's the last photo of it. All of the details are on ravelry.

Every year, I knit Peanut a scarf. This year, she got to choose the yarn. It's some sort of Joann Sensations yarn. It's incredibly soft, bulky and fuzzy. Each time she sees me working on it, she'll put it to her cheek and say, "I love it".

With her 5th birthday looming, I know I can't hold off Barbie too much longer. In anticipation, I bought the Nicky Epstein book 75 designs for Barbie or something. I found this pattern online and made it for Peanut's little buddy's birthday this week. It was a huge hit. It seems a lot like the Tempting pattern on the top, so I was thinking if I did it again, I'd add a belt or a ribbon element at the neckline. (The Barbie is vintage. It was a donation from a coworker's childhood Barbie stash...we've been toying with naming her Buffy Van Schnaussen...I don't know why but it seems fitting for some reason).

Since buying my D60 in April, I've taken nearly 5,000 photos. Yeah, that's a lot. I have my first photographer gig this weekend and I'm super excited.

This is Peanut on 4th of July at a friend's farm. The kid loves dirt, that's for sure.

I did some school shopping for her and she did a fashion show. Despite being a size 7, the Hannah Montana shirt was deemed too snug and was gifted to another Hannah fan. But she did express her joy for the outfit here first. (The pose does accentuate the problem areas a bit :) )

We finished our Parent/Tot bowling league. We came in second place and we got a trophy. She felt the need to dress for the occassion. After 12 weeks of bowling, the kid can finally throw the ball down the lane without zigzagging between the bumpers...when she feels like it. I was quite proud. A few frames, she didn't even use the bumpers. I had a career high game of 146 during the season and I'm so glad we did it. We really enjoyed the time spent doing this together and I know we'll do it again next year. All of the family leagues through the year happen on Saturday or Sunday mornings and that doesn't quite work with her visitation schedule.

And this is my great big girl...1 week out from Kindergarten. I can hardly believe it. I don't quite know where the last 5 years went. Because this is her 5th birthday, she's having a big bash for it and allowed to invite lots of friends. I made the invites and put them together last night. It was such a deja vu moment, as I'd done the same with her 1st Birthday invites as well. I couldn't be more proud of my little Peanut. She's intelligent, insightful, caring, clever, funny and beautiful. The traits I complain about are ones that we value in adults, and I try to keep that in perspective at those tough parenting moments.

Momma's so proud of you my dear Scoot McGoo...just don't grow up too fast on me.

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Beverly said...

That scarf is going to be gorgeous...just like your Peanut.
They do grow up all too fast. My girl is 30 which is hard to believe considering I'm still 25....crazy how nature works!!