Friday, August 05, 2005

Someone call Comerica Park!

One of the many yahoo groups I belong to posted this link:

The Tigers are far from being the Red Sox...maybe they should consider something of this caliber. I think we'd have to load the family up in the Merc for that game! The Mister is a bit embarrassed when I knit in public with him, maybe this would convince him it's cool.

I'm slowly, slowly working my way through the burial wrap for the Preemie Project. Small needles, thin yarn and tiny stitches do not for a fast project make. I seriously need some instruction on continental knitting. I feel like I have some serious knitting potential just waiting to be unlocked!!

I found some Caron simply soft at Walmart yesterday that would be perfect for a tiny Chippewa sweater. The Autumn Red and Jonquil might just be what we're looking for. I have a commissioned set to do for a CMU alum's baby due in September. I think the little guy needs this sweater. His WMU mom may not agree, though.

Since my posting with the Sunshine sweater disappeared, I'll post it again. The matching hat has been set aside for the week to work on charity knitting, but I'll need to pick up again come Sunday. The Baby Alison sweater is next up to be finished and shipped to Indianapolis. Then we'll move onto the tiny Chippewa set.

No new news on the house. We're still waiting, gathering info and trying to decide. Pepper is on borrowed time right now. She's having random accidents and we're just kind of at our wits end here. She's put a major dent in our savings account with the vet bills. I got in touch with her former owner about them taking her back. Our conversation included this from her, "I'll just be dropping her off at the humane society when I leave your house". Yeah, can't do that. We told her not to bother as that was something we could do ourselves. If any one has any ideas about bleeding heart vets willing to look at beautiful, sweet cats with an intense bladder infection for a discounted (or free) price, please let us know. She's just too wonderful to toss away. We're really at a major crossroads with her right now.


emy said...

I am with you on the slowness on working with tiny needles. But the final products are so lasting.

Debbie said...

I'm having the same experience with my burial gown. It's not as slow as the blanket, but it's taking me way longer than I thought. It's very pretty, though.

The Baby Alison sweater is lovely, too.

Laura said...

Ohh pretty sweater. I saw your mystery post disappear too. One day it was there and the next it was gone. I blame blogger! (shh don't tell)

I don't know what to say about your kitty. That's a tough spot to be in. Hope things turn out alright and your bank account isn't drained in the process.

Wool Winder said...

Baseball and knitting are two of my favorite things, so you can imagine how happy I am when I'm knitting and watching a game.

biffd said...

the Sunshine sweater is perfect! Where did you find that pattern? Its just what I'm looking for.

Rebecca said...

That article you posted was SO cool. I hope more events like that catch on to let us knitters join at events and keep the knitting boom going ;)

The sweater looks just yummy too!

And your poor kitty :( One of my families cats was adopted from the Humane Society and we were told when adopting him that he's had several upper respitory (sp?) infections, and in cats when they get those they're often reoccuring so he might get more. They made sure he was in tip top shape to come home and he is the most WONDERFUL cat ever. I can't believe a cat like him exists. But sure enough that winter he got another infection. It's kind of a yearly thing, or bi-yearly, and it's taken a small financial toll. My parents have a good relationship with the vet though and knowing these infections are reoccuring he gives a small discount on the office visit charge and the meds aren't too bad to fix it. He can't NOT look at the cat because if it was something else and he didn't see him then the vet would be negligant. But maybe you can find one that is willing to work with you, possibly contact the local humane society for a suggestion? I'd hate to see the poor cat suffer or have to be dumped at the shelter - there has to be like, student vets or something that can cost a lot less and help you out. I'd start by asking the Humane Society or pleeing with your current vet. No one wants another pet having to be left at a shelter so I'm sure SOMEONE will help work with you!

Sorry about the long reply - I'm an animal lover and get very passionate about animal things ;)