Monday, December 05, 2005

Here comes Santa Claus...

Ahhh...Winter. It brings lovely thoughts of family filled holidays, making new cherished memories and...the flu. Yep, we've been hit. Peanut started showing signs at 11:30 Friday night. It was a downward spiral from there. Saturday morning brought a call from next door saying Mom, Dad and LittleGuy1 were having the same problems as Peanut. I started with it this morning. Peanut goes next door for daycare, so they were well enough to take her today and I get time to take care of myself. What a luxury!

In a clearing of sickness clouds, we attended Mister's Union Christmas Party. What a party they put on! While standing in line for "peetza!" I noticed a familiar face in the roommate from my last year of college! Who would have thought? He was just as surprised to see me as I was to see him. My last year at CMU, I lived in the AKPsi house with 6 roommates....a group of guys that liked to call themselves "The Wolf Pack". Good times were had in that house. The boys definitely prepared me for life with Mister. It was great to see him and I gave him my business card. We'll see if I hear from him.
Santa made an appearance at the party. Peanut did pretty well with him last year. I was able to rescue her from his lap before total meltdown happened. See the pained look on her face? 30 seconds more and it wouldn't have been pretty.

And this was this year...She wasn't even up for giving him a chance. Still haven't decided if we'll have time to make the traditional trip up to Sommerset to see their Santa just yet.

Peanut seemed to warm up to the idea of Santa once she opened her new baby, Sarah Lynn from him. Notice the red cheeks and lack of blue, holiday themed sweatshirt. The Blonde Wonder overheats very easily. Waiting in a hallway for 25 mins with a couple hundred other people did her in. I think this was part of the Santa freakout.

To end this post...I'll include one more photo. Seems that little Miss is obsessed with Pink. We don't tend to push it on her, so I'm not sure where it comes from. Here's a photo of her in our bed earlier last week waiting for me to be ready for work and take her next door.

Pink pretties, sunglasses, angel shirt, pants, socks and shoes.


Laura said...

Is she as obsessed with remotes as Emeline??!! hehe

Wool Winder said...

So cute! This will be a fun Christmas. Feel better soon.

Jan B. said...

That little girl is such a doll! If I were there, I'd be kissing those cheeks and squeezing those chubby little arms! (Can you tell I miss my kids being babies?!!) No more sickness for you!!!

Jan B.