Sunday, July 30, 2006

5 hrs 12 mins and counting...

At this very moment, the Harlot is somewhere in the same area code as me. Well, that's assuming she flew in last night. Let's assume that. She'll be at the Ann Arbor District Library downtown at 2:30. I called and they suggested we show up at least an hour early as they expect a large crowd. They're even simulcast it into their "Board Room" for the overflow crowd. Peanut will be spending the day with her beloved Great Grandma. She's incredibly excited about that. I'm incredibly excited that my clapotis KAL 'net friend, Erin and I will be enjoying the Harlot together. It's our first meet up after several months (and one KAL - which she's finished) of email being exchanged. The camera is charged. The memory card newly formatted and functional. Photos will be posted.

Erin asked me on Friday what I was going to knit. I never thought about it before. I'd considered what to wear because it's going to be freakin' hot! but not what to knit. This weekend I contemplated many things...a new sock for mister..a dishcloth or bib..the anniversary cardi scarf...nothing seemed right. The one thing that deserves to go is clappy. She's the most beautifully thing I've knit to date (well, knitting). She is my summer project and Erin will be there with her finished clappy. So, that's it. No matter that it's going to be in the mid-90s with an insane heat index today. Giant clappy is going to see the Harlot. It's only right.

Mary asked how Peanut's enjoying school. To say Peanut loves school would be a severe understatement. This is how I found her at 6:30 on her second day of school. She'd been like that for 45 mins. I moved her to her bed without her waking up and she slept there for another 90 mins.
School is her favorite place to be second to Great-Grandma's. It's definitely brought out the girly girl in her. She now refers to herself as a "I a pincess" and babies her Pooh Bear. As I'm writing this, she's "cooking" dinner for her friend Josh. We bought her the kitchen when she was 14 months old and she's never really shown much interest in it until now. Each Friday she brings home her art work for the day with a note explaining what their theme had been. She loves to sit down with us and go through it all to talk it over. We're also noticing a very positive change in her behavior. It might just be an up in the roller coaster of toddler emotions, but I'll take it. She's been a real joy and so much fun the last few weeks.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before or not, but Peanut is in love with dirt. Not just a standard kid love for it, but absolutely infatuated in love with it. One of her teachers mentioned to Mister that while on the playground she had scooped up handful and was petting it as if it were a tiny kitten. She came over to Miss Amanda and announced "I love pretty dirt!" and walked away. We've recently switched her to a booster seat from a car seat. She can now see more. They're building a new Speedway in town and had huge mounds of dirt on the lot. Out of the back seat I hear "Mommy, mommmmyyy!! Look at all the PRETTY dirt!!" as we passed it. A few days ago, we found her "washing" her face in a dirt patch in the yard. Maybe she'll be the Princess of Dirt?

I finished a blanket on the USM for our neighbor to give as a shower gift. It's 44"x39" so it's a pretty good size for him to grow in to. I'm really pleased with how it came out. I used Caron One Pound, which I wouldn't normally do for a baby but figured I'd give it a try. It washed up very nicely and you can tell with a few more washings, it'll be pretty soft and durable. I did a crochet edge to it. It's pretty obvious my crochet skills need some help. The neighbor was thrilled with it and her sister would now like one for a coworker. Probably a slippery slope but I'm saving up to buy a custom bowling ball, so I'll take what I can get.

For those interested:
KP3 Caron One Pound in Fisherman and a gray/blue color (lost the ball band)
Using a closed edge CO, CO over 160 needles with MC (blue)
K 30 rows. Switch to CC (fisherman/cream) for 20 rows.
Repeat until RC = 230.
BO using the latch tool BO method.
I then folded it in half and whipped stitched it together.
It then took a trip through the washer & dryer.
I took out the stitching and did a single crochet border changing colors to match the stripes.


Amby said...

I was thinking about wearing a shirt with RUSSELL YARN printed on it and suggesting that all other local bloggers do the same...there were so many people there, I'm bummed because I know I missed out on meeting other bloggers including you! Can't wait to see your pics!

Amy said...

I hope you had as good a time as I did!

Laura said...

I hope you had a great time!! Clapotis is coming along beautifully - I'd love to give it a good snuggle - I'm sure the yarn is just delicious!

It's absolutely crazy how much Emeline and your little Peanut look alike. :)