Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Attack of the Giant Clapotis

I'm exactly halfway through clappy. As of now, with 6 dropped stitches...she's a whopping 26" x 38". I'm guessing she'll be 30" x 72" when finished. I'm ok with that. I was reading Big Girl Knits and it suggested larger shawl sizes for those of us on the fluffy side of things. The Garbo of my knitting projects has stepped out of the shadows and allow herself to be photographed. Here she is lounging on the back of the couch. The colors aren't really true. She's much more rich than what's shown. It's almost like she was caught out in a baseball cap with no makeup. When she's all finished, I'll be sure to do a red carpet worthy photo shoot.

Here's DBO. It's measuring 7". I can only imagine it'll grow when blocked. The color is much deeper and more purple than it's showing here. Our halogen lamp really skews the colors when combined with the flash.

Shelagh is my new lunch knitting. I haven't started it, but I am working on a decent sized gauge swatch. I also want to wash it to see if the yarn will soften up a bit. I certainly hope so or it'll go back on ebay. I like the lace pattern. I could do without the ptbl, but I'll live. No photos of as of yet.


Tricotine said...

I love your Shelagh! Is that your Amazing Lace project?

Isabelle 6th name above you on the Amazing Lace side bar list! :)

Mary said...

Love the clapotis. How's Peanut doing with the new day care?