Thursday, November 30, 2006

Liquid Weather

I watch Ben Bailey on Channel 2 each morning. I think he's so cute! He just said we'll be having a lot of liquid weather the next few days and that sounds like a good post heading to me. I'll take liquid weather over frozen any day.

My super secret project has been revealed to the recipient, so I can talk about it here. I'm working on the Fibertrends Felted Clog pattern. For something that's supposed to work up quickly, I had a really hard time getting through the first one. I couldn't get gauge using US13s, so I went and got a pair of US15s. Would you believe I'm getting the same gauge with those as well? I don't get it. The thing is absolutely huge, so I just went with it. I'll deal with sizing issues while felting it. No pictures yet. Probably won't be until I finish the second one.

I bought everything for the clogs from The Knitting Den. I'm not sure as to how I feel about the place. It's quaint as it's in an old house...but I certainly don't get a warm or welcoming feeling when I go there. It takes a while for anyone to recognize you're there and the layout of the place can make browsing difficult. They have a huge table in the pass through room to the back rooms. If there are people sitting at the table, you're not getting into the back rooms. And the sock yarns are on the walls behind the table. I took Peanut in there to get the new needles. It was her first time. We talked at length in the car about not touching and sticking close to me. I cannot tell you how good she was in that store. She asked me about touching each ball of yarn and waited for me to pull it out for her. Her hands were clean, so I didn't see any issue with it. I also let her pick out a skein of sock yarn for herself, so we did buy something she looked at. There were several ladies at the table and the two owners. No one acknowledged our existence there until one of the owners rung me up. And it's like that all the time. It would have been nice if they'd said hello or asked if we need any help. If I'm dropping $80 on supplies at their store, it'd be nice to feel welcome there. They are the closest but not the only LYS in the area. There's the one in Plymouth that I don't care for and I'd never, ever take Peanut in there. There's also the Whitmore Lake Yarn Company, but they're small and don't carry as much. Knitting Neighborhood is great, but they're a bit of a drive. I guess I shouldn't complain as some knitters don't even have an LYS.

Jennifer at Busy Hands Yarn is closing up shop. She has some really great deals on what she has left. If you get a minute, stop by and see if you can help her clean out the store's stash.

There's a lot going on, but not much I can talk about here. Mostly work stuff and a recent health change. Nothing new with Mister other than he's recently become a chatty cathy on the phone with me. I've been taking advantage of my new camera phone and the free month of net access. Here are a few new photos:


Mary said...

Have you been to Knit A Round Yarn Shop in Ann Arbor? Great shop and friendly ladies working there. It is not huge, but not cramped either. There is a nice table and chairs where Peanut could sit and see you as you walked around parts of the shop.

Amy said...

I know what you mean about Old Village- the one time I took my (well behaved) daughter in they followed us around like vultures! I second the vote for Knit a Round, though Knitters Kove in Commerce (Haggerty a bit north of Pontiac Trail) has toys for the kids, and were VERY nice when I had to bring Emma with me.