Thursday, December 14, 2006

Santa Baby

I always loved Madonna's version of Santa Baby. Seemed a good enough reason for a posting title.

I had my office holiday party last night. By far, the best I've ever been to. It was a Casino Night theme. The idea was that you were given $500 in chips and with that you could gamble or turn it right in for a raffle ticket. Each raffle ticket was $500. The big prize being a casino getaway weekend to
Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. My friend and I decided to pool our winnings and put all of our tickets towards winning this prize. She won and we're going!! I've never been on a weekend getaway and Lord knows I could sure use one to look forward to right now.

Santa's almost finished with his shopping for us this year. Funny thing, when the Mister's out of the Christmas budget, there's more of it to go around. Peanut is getting
this. I can't wait for her to see it. Santa has brought me this and he still needs to pick up one of these. The bags are really, very nice. I think I'll get an awful lot of use out of them.

Good news is that we never go the flu from Mister. We had a 24 hr chicken pox scare this week. Peanut's been vacinated, but I've never had them. Turned out to just be a rash on Baby Nephew and not the pox.

I'm off today for Peanut's 3 year physical and we're going to try and visit Santa at the mall. This could be interesting for sure. Pictures coming soon, I promise!


CrazyFiberLady said...

Congrats on the win. How very cool and oh boy do you deserve it!

Santa has made some good choices and did some excellent shopping for you and Peanut!

Glad you guys didn't get the flu from Mister. What a pain.

Hey, I've never had the chicken pox either. I used to get that panic on a regular basis until I had a blood test for my marriage license (go figure). I had them check me for the pox antibodies. Turns out I was naturally immune to them. You might want to consider this test yourself. It would put your mind to ease.

Dana said...

Hey, just wanted to pop in and tell you that (in case you didn't know) Joann online has ball winders and they offer 50% off coupons or free shipping regularly, so you might be able to find your winder there for half the price. I got mine and a swift also using 2 separate 50% off coupons. More $$ for the kids!

Peanut will have a great Christmas, you're a good mother!

jill said...

We vacation in Mt P and the girls love driving by the jumbo-tron at Soaring Eagle. It definitely looks like a great place for a getaway. Congrats!

I think Peanut will love the "this"! Every little girl needs one of those.

Erin said...

HI! I am so excited for you to head back to Mt. P.! Are you going to go to all the bars we went to when we were Chips?

I have a big email ready to ship off to you, but I wanted to let you know that I am 99.9% sure Santa put a swift and winder under my tree, so come on over and we'll wind some yarn!

Mary said...

Wow! What a great gift for Peanut. She is going to love it. Glad you have Santa "shopping" for you, too. Great news on the little getaway! Looking forward to the newest pictures of Peanut. She is a cutie.