Tuesday, December 26, 2006

An Open Letter to Step2

Dear Step2,

To help Santa out, I ordered a kitchen from your web site weeks ago. Late Saturday night, I got notice from Santa that he wouldn't have time to assemble it and I'd have to step in for him. It's a kitchen, how hard can it be right? Step 1: Using a screwdriver..ok, got a screw driver here. Oh wait, it's the right kind but it doesn't fit into the tiny 2" deep hole. Grab the flashlight and make my way out to the shed. Mister didn't leave another one and FNJ is in bed. I give up and go to bed.

Sunday afternoon, Peanut's next door and I have procured the correct screwdriver type to get past Step 1. I would like to strongly suggest you change the wording contained in the tools needed section. I would remove the word "Optional" next to the drill. Using a screwdriver to place 8 - 2.5" screws in undrilled, heavy duty plastic sucks. And would it kill you to pre-drill the holes?? Step 4 states to slide the fridge door upper peg into recessed hole in the counter top and then into the hole in the cabinet. Please let your people know that a 2mm size hole in the counter top will not allow the 3/4" peg slide into it. And they forgot to recess it. Emergency call to FNJ and a sneaky mission over to their house for some impromptu routing solves the problem a hot knitting needle could not. 2 hours later and I finish with Step 38. Step 39 is to place the stickers. That can wait.

Christmas Eve, it takes Peanut a while to get to sleep and the kitchen is in the spare bedroom next to her room. At Midnight, I fall asleep. I awake in a panic at 1 a.m. Who knew it'd take 90 mins to correctly place 35 stickers? At 3 a.m., the bow is in place and the kitchen is waiting for the Princess to awaken.
Who knows when the pain in my wrist from using the screwdriver will go away. It might be a while before I can knit again, but it was all worth it. When I recount my great accomplishments of 2006 Assembling $150 Step2 kitchen with just a screwdriver on Christmas Eve will definitely be near the top of my list.

And this is proof that it was worth it all.

PS: You can just ignore that crazy message left on your customer service line on Christmas Eve after finding out the recessed hole was anything but that. It was nothing personal, you understand I'm sure.


Rob MacKay said...


Thank you for the letter. We apologize for the difficulty you experienced assembling our product. We will evaluate the assembly instructions and see what we can do to make the process easier. At the very least, we should probably highly recommend a powered screw driver! I am so glad that Peanut likes her new kitchen.

Rob MacKay
Vice President, Internet Sales & Marketing
The Step2 Company, LLC

Jan B. said...

Well, welcome to the world of do-it-yourself. It gets old real quick! I've had to learn to do a TON of things! I see the company has contacted you...that's good.

Laura said...

Oh. hah At least you started before 9pm Christmas Eve night!! Been there. Never again.

I'm wanting to comment on at least a hundred things (looking at clock) but I'll just say EMELINE HAS THOSE SAME PAJAMAS!! hehe I wish our girls could play together. :)

Let me know how things are going!

Mary said...

Happy New Year JB and Peanut! Looks like a nice Christmas, even if not your most joyous. Let us know how things are going. We care.