Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Baby Logan

Stephanie repeatedly shows the power of the knitting world and I'm hoping to tap into that. If you have a spare moment or room on your prayer list, please put little Logan on it today. He is the newborn son of college friends of mine. He refused to wait and came into the world this morning being only 25 weeks along. He's little, 1 lb 15 ozs and 13" long and needs all the prayers and good thoughts he can get. I'll never forget how scary it was having Peanut at 33 weeks, I can't imagine how his momma's feeling today.

I don't have any knitting to post about. I've been way to busy to even knit a stitch. I will be knitting up a tiny hat to send to Logan this weekend, though. Peanut's doing ok with the switch to school full time, but has taken a step back in potty training. No big deal, she'll get it eventually. She's focused on what "bad" words she can say now. This morning she asked if "darn it" was ok. When I gave her approval she tested it out several times at many different volumes, smiling the whole time. She never ceases to crack me up.

Just a side note for those of you visiting my blog who were not drawn here for the knitting aspect of it. There will be no discussion of what's going on with Mister here. You're wasting your time continuously hitting my site. I do appreciate the increase in hits, but I would think your time might be better served doing something else like charity work.


Anonymous said...

I'm drawn to your site for stories of your darling little Peanut (and, of course, knitting content). What a great idea encouraging charity knitting. That is the main focus of my knitting since I no longer have little ones of my own for which to knit. I knit for other babies, children, deployed soldiers, and a battered women's shelter.

Rhonda said...

I applaud your good judgement to keep comments about Mister to a minimum. Just know you have people in your corner sending good thoughts your way no matter what! Hang in there and take time for your needs!

CrazyFiberLady said...

I'll keep baby Logan in my thoughts and prayers. The NICU is a scary place. I'll try and knit up something special for baby Logan. I know the handknits my children received in the NICU made me feel better.