Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Baby Logan Update

Logan had a rough day on Thursday, including a hemorrhage in his lung. He was strong enough by Saturday to be able to have it suctioned out. Seems that he's been moved up from a respirator to a ventilator. Recent news is that initial tests have shown he may have blood on the brain (not sure if that's the same as a brain bleed) but additional tests needed to be done to see if he had reabsorbed it. It's still very touch and go. He and his family definitely still need all of your thoughts and prayers to help see them through this.

Mary asked if I had been knitting recently. I thought that I would over the weekend with Peanut off visiting Mister, but a nasty sinus infection got the better of me. I did start a tiny hat for Logan. It's a slow go with the 1x1 ribbing. It's tiny but it's still a slow go. I'm also a little out of practice. I'm hoping to have a couple of different sized hats to send to him to grow into. I'm still working on the second of the felted clogs and about a million other things. I'm hoping to have some down time this week to spend knitting. More on that next week, though.

Rhonda asked about the ease of use of the iPod. I have to tell you, it's pretty darn easy. I had a SanDisk MP3 player last year. It was nice because it had an FM radio and I'd gotten it from a vendor for free. It conked out on me in December and I didn't get a chance to call on it before the warranty ran out. It did not have playlists or a way to organize the songs, so I didn't use it as much as I thought I would. With the iPod, you do everything through iTunes on your computer and then sync them up. Everything's pretty much drag & drop. So far, so good for me. I haven't imported any new CDs, but all of my old ones came in just fine. (They had been ripped to MP3s) I really do like Grace quite a bit. I've gotten through the first two podcasts from Lime N Violet. So much easier to listen to on the iPod. I sent my SanDisk MP3 player with Peanut to Atlanta when they went earlier this year. I know if it had had the playlist option, it would have been much easier for Mister to control what she heard when. Bedtime stories I had recorded me reading were not the best option when they were expecting music for the ride down. At the same time, it does not have the recording capabilities the SanDisk player.

Pictures coming soon, I promise.

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