Sunday, February 25, 2007

Promised FO Pics

What do you do with a sock you really don't like, but can't bring yourself to rip it out? Improvise! Good bye sock! Hello Peanut's bracelet! Every Princess must have one for this Season.
Here are two completed hats for Baby Logan. They were finally gifted to him on Friday.

Gifted to Logan's brand new cousin on Friday, a little girl we'll call LV was the following take home set. She was 8 lbs 5 ozs, so it really is just a take home set.


Laura said...

Aww! Cute bracelet! I need to make Emeline some like that - she'd love it!

Mary said...

What a great idea that bracelet is. What little girl could possibly resist it? Peanut looks like she is happy to have such a special bracelet of her own. I love the baby hats and take-me-home set, too. Thanks so much for sharing.