Saturday, May 03, 2008

32 Years 23 Hours 35 Minutes and counting....

The house is finally quiet. We've had a flurry of activity from the time the alarm clock went off this morning. Peanut spent a good chunk of the day with Grandma. I spent the day attending my dear friend's son's 1st Communion. I've attended Catholic weddings, but this was my first 1st Communion. I always find the Catholic ceremonies beautiful and interesting.

It is my birthday for a few minutes more. It's been a good day. The big (adult) celebration is next weekend. Tonight was spent with family and Peanut. She picked out my tiny birthday cake and we sang "Happy Birthday" with a tea light burning on top. It was the perfect way to end my birth day. I wouldn't have traded those two giggly minutes for the fanciest party.

I mentioned in my last post that I bought myself a D60. Below if one of my very favorit shots that I've taken in the last 10 days. There are a few others I may share later that really made me stop and say, "I took that." I had photography classes in college and I have a Pentax K1000 here somewhere, but it fell to the wayside when adult life took over. I've missed it for years and it's like and old friend has come back into my life.

**I think this photo truly captures Peanut. Dirty fingers, tosseled hair, a Giselle bandaid and a million watt smile**
The best gift I received this year was one I gave myself. I set a goal on January 1st of losing 50 lbs by my 32nd birthday. That's today. While I didn't make 50, I did hit 42 this morning. I've worked hard for it and I am most proud of that this year. I bought a pair of stretch denim capris March 1st. They were very stretched in the dressing room. I bought them anyway. I wore them for the first time this afternoon and they'll soon be too big to wear without being taken in. I was shocked by that! I just tried them on to see how much more I needed to lose before I could wear them comfortably. All the hard work is definitely paying off. My next goal is 70 lbs gone by Labor Day. I think I'll get there. I just need to remember that it needs to be about me for a little while or I won't be around to worry about anyone else.


Amby said...

Your daughter is absolutely beautiful, and so is your photography! :-)

And congrats on the weight loss too, that's an incredible amount to lose and you should definitely be proud. Happy Birthday!!!!

Laura said...

Janette! Oh my gosh. 42 pounds. Forty two pounds. Forty. Two. Wow. I want to lose forty two pounds. Congratulations. Now everybody will look at you and think "oh, she's always been skinny". :)

Beautiful sweet Peanut - gorgeous photo. Happiest Birthday Ever Mommy! Happy Year To You! Happy Everything. XOXOXOX

Dana said...

I read your blog and rarely comment but I had to pipe in about the forty two pounds. Awesome! You should be very proud of yourself and I'm sure with the year you've had it feels like a HUGE weight has been lifted, which of course it has.

Nice job! Peanut is to-die-for. What a great smile!