Thursday, May 04, 2006

30 years and 1 day...

...doesn't feel much different than 29 years and 364 days. I didn't expect it would. Mister went out and got me a Costco cake and we celebrated with the neighbors. My good friend, Jennifer took me to Champp's for lunch. They changed their menu again, so it was kind of a bummer. The company was wonderful, though. My friend, Michele was thoughtful enough to send me a great card a gift card for Michael's. I really want to do Reid for Peanut and they do carry the Paton's Grace for it.

We did WalkAmerica on Sunday. Team Lainey raised $555. Not too shabby! We had 8 walkers, 1 rider and 2 dogs. It was a perfect day for a walk. We finished in better time than last year and I wasn't exhausted by the end. Guess the walking we've been doing has helped. Here's our team:

Erin and I decided on a yarn for Clapotis. It's really beautiful. I can't wait to see it in person. Full details at a later time.

We're into May and that brings a new color for Project Spectrum. It's green. Lovely, green. I have a skein of Cascade Sierra in a beautiful green color that I haven't quite found something to do with it. It's my goal this month to make it into something wonderful. Holler if you have a great 1 skein pattern. Maybe Peanut needs a green teddy bear? Or a shrug or something. Who knows?

That's it from here. I have photos of my knitting, but they're on the camera. I have proof that I've started Sisters and that the Larry scarf is getting longer. It's in the homestretch people and not an orange minute too soon.

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Laura said...

Happy Happy! :)

So what color did you pick for "Sisters"? Are you using the recommended yarn?