Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Days of Yarn and Roses

Has it really been 10 days since my last post? Gosh, where is May going? I have one FO and two WIPs to prove I've been working on them and not just talking about them. First up is the round dishcloth. It's done back and forth and then sewn into a circle with a single seam. It was a super easy pattern that I now have committed to memory. The next is my progress so far on Sisters. The color is completely washed out here. It's a much deeper purple.

Here's the Larry Scarf and Pepper. It's coming along. I've been using a safety pin to mark where I start to prove to myself I've made progress on it.
This is the Max yarn from Lisa. Heaven is spun into every inch of this yarn. The color is a bit more saturated than this pic shows. We' have rain for a week, so it's been hard to get a good picture with natural light. The ball I wound myself by hand. Who knew Mister being a plumber would come in handy when looking for something to wind it onto. The 1/2" copper pipe was absolutely perfect to use. I think he was kind of excited to contribute to the process. The second picture is my practice Clapotis scarf using green Cascade Sierra. It's wonderful in it's own right. This is the first center pull ball I wound by hand. I'm quite proud of my new accomplishment. Who needs a ball winder & swift when you've got 8" of copper pipe? I really can't say enough about the Max yarn. If you ever have the chance to get some, definitely do. You won't regret it.

To end this post, I give you gratuitous Peanut photos. She worked hard on personalizing the cards she gave on Mother's Day. She picked out 2 dozen pink roses for me and wants nothing to do but touch and smell them every chance she gets. I also got a kickin' new crockpot. The last one is her on the way home from my Grandparents' house on Sunday. She played hard stomping through every mud puddle she could find.

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Carie said...

Your daughter is so cute!!!
I love the idea of winding onto copper pipe - isn't it great when your husband's job compliments the knitting obsession!
Your postacrd was sent on Wednesday so hopefully it will be with you soon :)