Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sweet, Sweet Sunday

Saturday is my favorite day of the week because I know I have another day to sleep in and hang out with the family before going back to work. Sundays hold a special place in my heart too. They tend to be low key around the JB household. Sunday is the day most likely for us to spend in our jammies. It's the day we try to get the most housework done for the coming week. It's amazing how messy this house gets in just a few days. Oy.

I've decided to join The Amazing Lace. I'm calling up my friend Branching Out to be my partner. She was faithful through the Olympics, I know I can count on her again. I have some beautiful cashmere blend yarn in a purple shade that was bought to be Branching Out. I had planned on working on it this summer in anticipation of my Aunt's birthday, so why not? It should be interesting.

As I mentioned before, Erin and I are doing our own KAL for Clapotis. I think we're the last knitters on Earth to not have tried this pattern. We decided to go with yarn from LisaKnit. I chose Shade Garden in the Max yarn. This will be something for me, so it's special in many ways.


Catherine said...

Hehe, you would be wrong with that. I haven't tried Clapotis yet either...although i am still a newbie in the knitting world :) I found you on the Amazing Lace site by the way and saw you were also going to do the Branching Out scarf like me :)

CrazyFiberLady said...

Hmmm, I might actually have to knit Clapotis myself someday considering I bought the yarn ages ago. Your choice is gorgeous.

Rebecca said...

Here's another clapotis virgin - and I too was tempted by the branching out pattern. I'm doing amazing lace too - and just learned the value of a lifeline recently! The yarn you mention sounds cool! Have fun!