Friday, September 23, 2005

10 days gone...

Sorry about that, I didn't realize it'd been 10 days since I last visited. We're deep in the throes of packing a new Fall Television. These two items do not play well together. Knitting and Fall Television do, but packing seems to be a selfish activity that requires all of my attention. Good news is that the Mister finally got it together enough to pack FOUR boxes! Mind you they were all of our DVDs, Tapes and CDs..but still he did it. Our biggest problem is that once we have boxes packed, we don't really have a place to put them. Right now we're lining our short hallway with them, but that can only last so long. The house is starting to feel a little bit bare...just a smidge, really. I don't think I'll be sad to leave this place like I was with our Plymouth apartment. Way too much drama and riff-raff in the complex for me.

Peanut's 2nd birthday is quickly approaching. It's actually just a few days before we move. Shhh..don't tell her that, though. We plan on celebrating after we've moved in and settled. She'll never know the difference. There's talk of a toddler bed being her big present along with Dora the Explorer bedding. Can never had too much Dora in the house. I'm also going to try and track down a Laurie Berkner CD or Video locally. If you don't know Laurie Berkner, definitely get to know her! She's great. She's made a living making kids music that fun for parents to listen to. Peanut adores her. Last night she was watching her music special on Noggin On Demand. She was singing about "a song in her tummy" and for the very first time, I saw Peanut react and pat her tummy! Actually put down the sippy cup to dance along with the song. Child magazine had a great article with her a few months back. It just reinforced why I'm happy my kid likes her.

Mister's 28th birthday is Saturday. I had to argue with him the other day that he would be 28 and not, 29 like he thought. We celebrated last Saturday by going out to see the new Reese Witherspoon movie, Just Like Heaven. I liked it a lot. Somewhat predictable, but sweet. Prior to being married and dispensing the child, I was a HUGE Cure fan. So, I was pretty excited to hear the new versions (not by the Cure) in the movie. That song was huge for me in high school, so I think I was kind of sentimental about it and like the movie more because of it. Sigh, I really need to work in some quality time with the CD collection. Oh! Peanut gave Mister a present that made him tear up. Now, if you know my Mister, this isn't the hardest thing to get him to do...but still worth mentioning. I had insomnia Labor Day weekend and found myself up watching HSN at 2 a.m. I think they put hypnotic messages in the broadcast because it was almost as if I could not turn it..but anyway. Mister made out well because he got this for his birthday. (Note - in case you don't know, Mister is a transplant from Atlanta to Michigan. DIE HARD Falcon's fan) I caught him wearing it in the bathroom checking himself out in it...too bad he only had his boxers on with it. It was quite a sight and I had to walk away to laugh. I couldn't ruin his moment. Prior to dating me, he always said his birthday was it's probably his favorite day of the year. And yes, he will have a butter flavor recipe cake for breakfast on Saturday. It's the least I can do., yeah..knitting. I've done a bit here and there. I gave up on the booties for the Sunshine sweater. They're just not happening. The buttons need to be chosen and placed on it before being sent out. I finally figured out the pattern I was using for the CMU sweater. How much work do I do on the pattern before it becomes my pattern? What a mess that was. Good news is that it's coming along quite well and I'm pleased with the colors. It's the first time I've used Caron Simply Soft and it's wonderful. Cheap, soft and washes well...what more could you ask for?

The Preemie Project is coming along well without me. Jan and Laura are doing an excellent job picking up for my slack. The group is busily working on Halloween related items. I've also done up three cloths for Cloths for Katrina. I can do the cloths on my lunch and not worry about getting them dirty, since they're wash cloths! Love how that works.

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Laura said...

I just got caught up on your blog. I'm glad to hear that you're not extremely freaked about the move.
I miss you! Hope that all is well.