Saturday, September 10, 2005

Short post...

Sorry I've been MIA, but man, life sure gets in the way sometimes doesn't it?

We're a go for the house (still!) so some packing and sorting has been going on. We recently found out that the Mister may only have a job for 60 more days. For now he'll be going down to 4 - 10 hr days a week to help his company save on gas. We thought this would be great because we would save on day care. I provider decided to change price rates on us and it's actually just $10 more to keep her full time. Well, this move has forced us to consider a new provider near our new home rather than accommodating our current provider. I don't have a clue as to how I'm going to break the news to her without her causing a ruckus. Sometimes it's just no fun to be an adult.

Peanut went poop in the potty Thursday night. I never thought I'd be so excited about poop in the potty! Friday I went out and picked up a Dora potty seat, Dora feel & learn pants and Dora stickers for a reward. Despite being put on the potty every 30 mins, there's been no activity to warrant the opening of the stickers. I certainly don't expect her to be potty trained in just one day, but way to tease a mom!! She'll get it eventually, I know.

Knitting..what is this blog about knitting? Oh, yeah..guess it is. Well in knit related news, my very first baby sweater has been posted for sale via a donation to the Red Cross or any charity helping out the victims of Hurricane Katrina. You can find it here. I've also joined the Cloths For Katrina yahoo group. Their goal is to get a handmade cloth and a bar of soap to each victim. You knit a cloth and send $.50 with each one to one of the list moms. They take the change and buy the soap (cheaper than shipping it) and pass along a bar for each cloth to their contacts in each of the states taking in victims. Nothing feels better than a nice bath after being it's the least we can do for these people. We can't afford to send cash, but I can bust some of my stash and send it to people who could really use it. We also contributed 3 boxes of food to a local drive going down to Mississippi. It's our way of feeling like we're doing something.

I still have 1/3 of a bootie left to finish the Sunshine set. I just can't seem to finish it. It's killing me. I've started a CMU sweater for another friend. This is a different patter than I normally use and I've been using some sailor words while trying to work through it. I've frogged it and started over 3 times now. It'll be awesome when it's done, I just need to get it there. I found basketball and football buttons for it. I finished a cloth for Katrina this morning. I'm hoping to do up three or four and then send them. Thanks so much to Erica for posting about the group on her blog.

The amazing Laura has the Preemie Project up to 60 members. How awesome is that?

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Wool Winder said...

The days of potty training...I remember them well. Good luck!