Thursday, September 01, 2005

Quiet Purchases and Katrina Help

I can't believe the images I see on my TV. I'm thankful for the life the Lord has allowed us to lead, no matter how hard and stressful I think it is at times. I have the luxury of sitting on our couch (be it broken down and kitty christened) and viewing Katrina's wrath, I couldn't imagine living in it. This was posted to the CIC yahoo group I belong to. I have my first baby sweater and a few odd FOs sitting around the house that I'm going package up and send to them. I also have some really old yarn I inherited that I know I'll never use and it's not appropriate for the Preemie Project. I'll have that wing it's way there to be made into something warm and useful. It's the least I can do.

I bought these yesterday: - The Crumpets pattern - GF Swing Coat

I've been coveting each for a while and now Peanut will have both! I think she'll get the GF Swing Coat in CMU colors for the Fall. Her friend Katie might just find one for herself for her birthday too. If Katie's mom reads could be late, but you knew that didn't you?

I'm still working on the Sunshine sweater set. That last bootie is tinking itself when I'm not looking, I just know it! The lace burial gown is coming along too. I'm hoping it'll soften up once it's washed. It's plenty soft in the skein but it knits up quite a bit differently. I had the same thing happen with the WoolEase I used in the Marina set.

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