Sunday, January 22, 2006

Goodbye Mr. Washie...

It's true, the washer is dead. We're going to look at a "new" (used) one next weekend. Makes me really miss the apartment, but only because someone would come in and magically fix it for us. That's the only thing I miss about it, though. Such is home ownership, I guess.

The shower was yesterday. It was nice. I got stuck sitting next to my crazy aunt. Every time they went to open a present, she'd lean over and ask me what it was before the paper was even torn. After we saw each item, she'd say "Things have changed so much that I can't keep up". EVERY TIME. No kidding. My gram & aunts had pooled together some M&Ms to bring home to Peanut. Crazy Aunt tried to squirrel them all into her purse. I think I saw some rolls in there too. Definitely earning brownie points with the man upstairs.

I did finish the 2 blankets and four wash cloths. The two matching hats are on the needles. I just couldn't finish them before leaving. I paired the blankets & wash cloths with a Baby Einstein video and a solid lotion bar. It's supposed to be helpful for pregnant bellies. She seemed to really like them. She got a lot of handmade gifts including beautiful quilts. Really gorgeous.

I love the sweater machine. Still feeling guilty about it, but I love it. In a week, I completed two baby blankets. I've never been able to complete a blanket by hand. I don't know that I'll ever give up hand knitting, but the machine knitting is great for quick things. I can't wait until I have the time to make some custom attachments for it. I think a garter stitch bar and cast on comb would make projects even faster. The cast on comb requires help from the mister. He's been a crabby all week, but finally snapped out of it yesterday. Thank goodness!

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