Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Knitter In Training

I realized last night that I haven't manually knit a stitch in over a month. I can't embark on my olympic journey out of practice. Since I'll be doing Branching Out, I decided to try my hand at the Irish Hiking Scarf until then. Once it's finished, it'll be shipped up to Rogers City to live with Larry.

Larry is special in many ways. He's my good friend, Mandi's dad. He's a CMU alum and an AKPsi alum. That means that Mandi, Larry and I are Brothers. My favorite road trip was with Larry, Mandi and the family. We drove 8 hours to the Michigan UP State Fair to see Journey in 2002. My dad's two favorite bands were Journey and Supertramp. It was amazing to be able to see Journey live. It was so much fun! Larry had a bit of a heart scare in late 2004. Since then, he has to wear a scarf when it gets below 32 degrees. Larry's a guy's guy. He hunts, fishes, traps and tinkers. He loves to walk in the woods and recently was reduced to wearing Polly's pink scarf. 2 skeins of Cotton Ease in Orangeade + Irish Hiking Scarf Pattern = an appropriate Larry the Trapper Guy scarf.

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