Thursday, January 12, 2006

So This Is January...

It was 50 degrees here today. Yes, that's 5 - 0. You don't see much of that in Michigan in January. I say, keep it coming! Ben (Channel 2) was forecasting snow and cold for this weekend. Someone needs to get him on the unseasonably warm bandwagon.

So yeah...I can't tell you the last time I picked up traditional knitting needles. The sweater machine is getting a work out. None of it's worthy of photographing just yet, but practice makes perfect. My cousin and his wife are expecting twins and their baby shower is next Saturday. Word on the street is that I should be able to knock out two crib blankets by then. Just need to settle on the design. I have to admit, it does feel like cheating to use the sweater machine. The same feeling I had when I switched from my SLR to digital camera. I think it'll be a great tool to knock out some blankets. I just don't have the patience to do them.
We had a nice Christmas. It was a little overwhelming for us all, but nice. It was the first year Peanut was excited about it. We wrote a note to Santa and left him a snack. Christmas morning she kept saying "Santa came!" Santa could have gotten off cheap this year..she fell in love with the Dora backpack purchased on clearance and the pig flashlight from Costco. It was a 2 pack and cousin Justin got the elephant.
Her big gifts were a mattress from me & mister and a whole new bedroom set from Grandpa. Her new furniture arrived on Tuesday and tonight is her second night in her big girl bed. She's not quite as thrilled as we'd hoped to be sleeping in it. She's reluctant to get out of it in the morning, but getting her to stay in it at night isn't the easiest. Again, this is only the second night so I'm sure it'll get better. The number of stuffed animals in her bed has doubled. So have the blankets. She probably has the best place to sleep in the house!

I'm sorry I've neglected my blog the last month. With the holidays, life just kind of got away from me. Things are settling down..just in time to start potty training! OH! Our other big news is that Peanut threw her pacis away Christmas Eve. I discovered they were both broken. We had her walk them to the trash while the whole family watched and announced they were broken and had to go in the garbage. We never had a serious meltdown about them, but she would ask about them a few days later. My friend's little guy is going through serious bink withdrawal. It's so bad that she commented that she felt they were running a Betty Ford for toddlers. I think we were at a place where it had to go soon or it would be a problem. I'm glad we went cold turkey.

I'll close with a photo of the Mister and me at my company Christmas party. We don't have too many of these photos, so I like to show off the good ones.

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Laura said...

Aww great pictures!! Your little girl looks SO MUCH like my Emeline! Precious! :)