Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Breaking the 10 Repeat Barrier

I finally made it past 10 repeats! What a great feeling. I'm now 2 repeats further along than I was when I frogged the whole thing on Sunday. I still love it and think it looks fabulous. No new photos as of yet. My only complaint is that the alpaca yarn sheds. Not so great when you wear dark work clothes and try to conquer a few repeats on lunch. I was buying lunch last week and saw a woman pull out a white cloth and drape it over her lap before eating lunch in her car. Today, I am prepared with an old cloth diaper of Peanuts (that was never actually used as a diaper) to drape over my lap and shirt to see if that helps the issue. Of course, I'd look less silly if I'd just buy a lint roller for the giant purse.

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