Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Sweet Victory!!

First, I'd like to thank the family for their support while stitching this. Mister was great at reminding me that cussing about the pattern did not mean I was enjoying it. Peanut was gracious enough to not rip out my row counter or needles, even though she thought about it a few times. I'd like to thank Susan Pierce Lawrence for the beautiful design. My thanks to the ladies at Neighborhood Knits for talking me into the fabulous alpaca used. It was a great project! I'd definitely do it again. I'm hoping to have a photo of my gram with it on Sunday. Last but not least, thanks to the lady herself for thinking of it!

Project Details
Pattern: Branching Out from Knitty.com
Yarn: Baby Alpaca with a Twist color 0100
Needles: INOX US8 16" Circular
Total Knitting Time: 15 days 7 hrs exactly

Notes: I completed 34.9 repeats before starting the garter stitch border. If I'd used less yarn while joining the second skein, I could have done a full 35. I had about 4" left after weaving it in. It seemed short, but it grew after blocking it. Wet alpaca and wet dog have very similar smells. I think the wrong side is just as pretty as the right.

Skills learned (the most important part):

  • I can knit lace, but not well after 11 p.m.
  • I can remove the needles to rip back without destroying it
  • Alpaca can shed, especially on dark work clothing
  • I can follow a chart
  • I can finish an adult size item
  • I can finish a project on time
  • I can block something correctly

Erin correctly guessed Toy Story 2 for the blogiversary contest. Mister gave a thumbs up to a Saturday trip to LYS. Something fun for Erin will be procured there. Back to work on the Larry The Cable Guy scarf. Word of it has gotten back to him and he's quite excited about it. I'm hoping to ride the FO high as long as I can.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I never got back with you I JUST saw your comment on my BLOG. I have posted pictures of our little girl on my BLOG please feel free to go look. So you won gold ???? On the olimpic knitting....thats GREAT!!!! Hope to hear back from you ...I would have E-Mailed you but i can't seam to find your email address.