Saturday, March 04, 2006

Teddy Bear's Picnic

I was reading Phyl's blog the other day and saw this post. Since getting the bear book from Alecia, I've been itching to make one but the Larry scarf called to be finished. My Grandpa's birthday is the 5th. He's going to be 79 and when you reach that age, are in fabulous health and have 3 great, generous have all that you could want or need. He's insisted there be no gifts this year, but it just doesn't feel right to me. Enter the bears. I'm working on a red bear with a purple sweater to send to Bay Window to commemorate the Big Man's birthday. He can't complain that I bought him a gift, but I feel good about doing something to mark the day. Larry will understand, he's that kind of guy. The first bear, I'm doing by hand but I think I can adapt it for my USM. I'd like to make a few more to eat up some of the smaller odd balls in my stash. The USM was made for stockinette, so who am I to deny it of it's potential?

I finally downloaded the Knitcasts to my blue buddy. I haven't had a chance to listen to them just yet, but it's great to plug into while using the USM. I have to pay too much visual attention to it to watch TV, so it's perfect. All 22 episodes are loaded and ready to go.

I had Friday off so Mister could visit the dentist and have lunch with his former crew. Peanut and I just hung out and I got to catch up on my blog reading while she was napping or mesmerized by DVD of the moment. I checked in with Laura and her fabulous ladies at home. She announced that she had joined Project Spectrum. First I'd heard of it, so I had to check it out...and JOIN! Considering I had project going in this month's color and I had an extensive post card collection as a's almost like it was just waiting for me to find it!

Mister's out trying to figure out why the Merq stalls when you stop while in drive. Not the best thing for a massive tank car to do. He thinks it's an inexpensive hose rather than the $350 of bad sensors AutoZone told us about. If he's back in time, I'll be hitting the Knitting Den. For what you might ask? Well, I have contest prizes to acquire. First, we had Erin who guessed Toy Story2 correctly. Then, Laura came in with the Shrek reference. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings and comment ladies. It means a lot to have not one but two winners!!


Laura said...

I'm a winner? I'm a WINNER?? YAY! I'm so glad you joined Project Spectrum - isn't it cool?! I'm having so much fun fun FUN with it! :)

Phyl said...

Thanks for posting the information about the bears! What a great idea to do for someone special who requests "no gifts."