Monday, March 13, 2006

Drive-by Posting

This will have to be quick. I'm catching Big Love and the Sopranos tonight since I missed them last night.

You may have remembered the purple & white striped baby blanket I did about a month back for my cousin's shower. I also did a pink & white striped blanket to match. The twins weren't due to be born until the end of April, but they arrived on Tuesday. Their mom's water broke Monday night. Little B-lyn was 3 lbs 3 oz 15 3/4" long, bigger sister K-lyn was 4 lbs 7 ozs 17 1/2" long. They're expected to be in the NICU for a few weeks before they can come home. Mom & babies are doing well. Coordinating pairs of booties are finished and I'm going to start their hats tonight. If you get a second, please say a little prayer for them.

That's it from here. Photos soon, I promise.


Erin said...

Hi Janette-
I will be sure to say a prayer for these little angels. We know the miracles these doctors can perform, and even though these babes are so tiny they are also so tough! Please let us know how they are doing.

Laura said...

Aww. Sounds like the babies are good sized for being so early. They'll be lookin fit for a race in your hat and bootie sets! :)