Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here Ye Here Ye..

Gather round, get comfy and settle in. I've got photos...lotsa photos! First up, some finished objects. Yes, FO's!!

That's Pepp checking out the Bay Window Bear.Took me over a week to finish him. He's made out of LB WoolEase in Red Sprinkles and Cascade 220 in a purple color. It was left over from the ballet slippers I felted. His mouth and eyes were done using spare strands of LB Microspun. He'll be shipped out tomorrow. Mister did a road test and declared him huggable.

These are the hats to match the Twins' (Klyn & Blyn) shower blankets. This is the first time the pink & white has been photographed. The color is pretty true in the photo. These were done on my USM and finished with a little i-cord top knot. It'll be a while before they can wear them, but they'll grow into them. Update on the twins is that they are doing well, but are probably going to be in the NICU the full six weeks until their due date rather than the original 3 weeks.

What do you need for an extended stay in the NICU? Matching hats & booties. This is one of the two sets. I need to finish the hat for the other set. I'm hoping to get that done up this weekend and then off to the girlies. Mom & Dad are big Earnhardt Jr. fans, so they'll appreciate the red & white. The other set is the same, but the colors are switched around. These were done with LB Microspun. Interesting stuff to say the least.

As you can see from above, I've completed two projects in one of the designated colors for the month. Here are some photos to document the shades of red in the JB home.

My favorite wax warmer & tape measure, some red hued CDs, dried roses the Mister gifted me at some point. FYI - The white (yellowed) ones you see are my wedding bouquet.

The bug pillow. We bought the pillow before we knew Peanut would be a girl Peanut and her name would be close to the bugs. Must have been fate that we found the Ladybug on sale at the furniture store. The puddle of yarn is what Peanut stole from the Bay Window Bear.

If you've stuck with me this deserve some spontaneous Peanut cuteness. Who knew our kid would be so photogenic??

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