Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Branching Out Goes Out

My Gram is pretty camera shy, so I have yet to get a photo of her with the scarf. I do have a story to relay. She calls me last night to see how I'm feeling (I've had the late winter crud virus for a week now) and to chit chat. The following conversation happens:

  • Gram: You know that pretty scarf you gave me?
  • Me: Yeah, the one I gave you on Sunday?
  • G: Yeah, I wore that to the credit union today.
  • M: And how'd that go? - Knowing she wouldn't have mentioned it unless she had something to say about it.
  • G: Ok, we took Molly and your Grandpa sat in the car with her while I went in. I had to deposit our checks. Molly is their shih tzu, she's a chick magnet. Grandpa loves to walk her around and have people ask him about her.
  • M: Yeah.
  • G: Well, the girl that waited on me. Well, she asked me about my scarf and told me how pretty it was. I told her that my granddaughter had made it and it was made from that stuff...oh, what's that stuff again?
  • M: Alpaca?
  • G: Right, that stuff. Well, she asked me how old you were and I told her and she said you did really nice work for your age and it looks like you've done it for years. She asked to touch it and I slipped it to her under the glass. Then the girl next to her came over to see it and had to touch it. They all just loved it. I just wanted to tell you that.
So yeah, warm fuzzies from Gram. She wore it out and showed it off. This whole conversation took place while Peanut was practicing climbing Mt. Everest by repeatedly climbing on me and yelling "HI GRANDMA!!!!" Gram is Peanut's Great-Grandma. It's not a current photo, but this is my favorite photo of them together. It was taken on Peanut's 1st birthday in 2004. Even at an early age, the kid has a taste for diamonds.

The knitted bear for Bay Window is nearly finished. I stayed up late to finish knitting his legs and sew up his head. He's all set for his arms to be picked up and knit. I think he's cute. I made him with left over Woolease in Red Sprinkles for his body and Cascade 220 in purple. He's a modern bear where he feels secure just wearing a sweater. No need for pants. I'm hoping to get the USM out this week and work one out on it. If I do, I'll post the changes I made to the pattern to make it USM friendly.

Laura & Erin won my blogiversary contest. I was finally able to get their prizes out in the mail today. I hope they love them.

Mister is still at home with Peanut. No calls from the union just yet. With the weather warming up, it'll be hard to hide my jealousy. They went for a long wagon ride today. I'm so thankful we're able to enjoy his being off for now and not fret too much over the financials. There's a silver lining to everything.

Update on the Merq: Mister replaced a 30 cent hose coupling and it's totally fine now. Runs like a champ! Yep, you read that right 30 CENTS!!


Laura said...

Yay for Great-Gran getting to show off her beautiful scarf! She must be so proud.

30 cents!? YOU'VE GOT TO LOVE THAT!!

Erin said...

That is so great that your Gram got such nice comments about the scarf you knit her! It's great that she called to tell you as well!

I LOVE my knitting prize- thank you so much!