Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Baby sweater from hell...

I came home to find that Peanut had been playing in my knitting basket. She'd taken a 3/4 lb ball of yarn and made it her own personal toy. I was up until 11:30 unraveling the mess. The Mister kept saying just snip it and throw it away. I told him that would be admitting defeat and that I would unravel the mess. Only one snip made...and now I a giant ball and a tiny ball...but not an inch of yarn went into the trash.

Ok, so the blue baby sweater I've been working on for a month reared it's ugly little head again last night. The blue sweater was also in the yarn basket, but escaped any trauma from chubby little hands. I've worked similar patterns 3x. This is a much more plain version, that should mean easier...but there's something about this sweater that's just not working out right. When doing one of the sleeves, I somehow made a hole. Just how the heck did that happen?? I haven't had a whole in the middle of my knitting for years. There's a hole in the sleeve, the arm pit area is a bit gapier than I would like. Then I look at the the last three rows I've forgotten to do the border stitches. Yeah...doesn't take a genius to see that it'll need to be frogged. Not the whole thing mind you, may be just up to the pattern on the yoke. But..You're goin' down blue sweater! You're goin' down!!

Have decided the purple cascade 220 yarn will be best for a pair of toddler slipper/socks. Of course they'll need to have mohair trim on the cuff. Purple slippers with fuzzy pink cuffs. They'll be donated to CIC, so there'll be some sassy warm feet in Russia.

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