Sunday, April 24, 2005

Michigan In April

This is a photo taken from our living room about 15 minutes ago. Yes, today is April 24th and it is snowing. Real snow. Fluffy stick the ground make our trip to Grandma's difficult snow. Can I also add that it was 83 degrees on Tuesday? Mother Nature can be cruel at times. Our WalkAmerica walk is a week from today. Pray for a strong warm front to come our way.

What does one do when the Mister is spending quality time with the PS2 and the Peanut is napping? Well, knit of course! I'm still plugging away on the blue baby sweater. I'm veering off the pattern path just a bit. Instead of stopping and doing the sleeves just after the yoke, I put the sleeve stitches on spare yarn and continuing onto the body. I'll come back and finish the sleeves on dpn's when the rest is finished. I have a theory it'll go faster. I'm a faster knitter than purler. So, the stockinette should fly on the dpn's. I also eliminated the last button. For no reason other than I only have two green froggy buttons. I doubt lil' Aiden will mind. The set needs to be finished by Sunday. I think we'll be ok. I've put it into a travel kit to go with me and it keeps chubby little fingers away from it.

I completed the mohair bunny from the Chippettes get together a couple weeks ago. Finally got around to posting a photo of him. I think he turned out pretty well. Next time I'd make him out of a 9" square rather than 6". With all the babies arriving in the next few months, I have a feeling I'm going to get a lot of practice making this little guy.

Speaking of the many babies, my boss's wife is expecting their first baby. They went with a Disney theme in the nursery with yellow stars and Mickey's. I found some really cute Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Red Sprinkles. How fun is that name? I also picked up some super cute yellow star buttons. Should make for an adorable sweater and hat for new little Italian.

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Renee said...

Did you make the bunny? Where did you get the pattern?