Friday, May 20, 2005

'Cause baby, I'm a star!! Whoah oh oh!!

NOTE: Title is best interpreted if sung to the Prince song "Baby I'm a star"

Why am I feeling star-like today?? I have a new faith in the blogging world. Today! I! Received! Comments!! And not just any comments...but comments from people who have no prior knowledge of me or Mister or Peanut. Not pitty comments from non-knitting friends trying to be supportive of my weird infatuation with knitting...noooo...comments from total, complete STRANGERS!! (If you are sitting in a chair, feel free to do a chair dance along with me) Thank you dear imrtistik and kit!

Ok, so I've been slacking on the here goes:

I spent the B&N gift card on this:
Knitting for the Pampered Baby AND bookbookbook and
Interweave Knits Summer 05. The Godiva bar was gone before the car was taken out of park, so it doesn't count. At least that's what I keep telling myself.

I spent the Joann's gift card on fancy buttons and this: The Portable Crafter: Knitting

The boss and his wife welcomed a new baby girl into the world sometime in the last 24 hrs. The new little Italian lady does not have a name just yet. After some washing and blocking this weekend, she'll have a sporty red sweater with matching hat and booties. She's 4 weeks early and the ensemble is a size 6 mos. I've got plenty of time. She's a lucky girl to be born to such wonderful people.

Ok, when I realized the family could never benefit or appreciate the larger number of small items I could knit, I branched out to charities. I looked for something local, but can't seem to find a local hospital willing to return calls or emails about what they need or what organizations they work with. I've decided to commit to two charities - CIC and The Premie Project. Before you start with the warm fuzzies, let it be known I have selfish reasons for both. Making things for CIC requires yarn that is at least 50% wool. Excellent excuse to go to LYS and buy crazy wool yarn on clearance. Make it into fun vests/socks and send it off to brighten the day of a kid who won't be bummed because it's the not the same shade as Barney or Dora's shirt. The Preemie Project Preemie Project is a smaller group looking to donate things to the NICU in Iowa City, IA. I like them because a) Peanut was a premie and I appreciate the pumpkin hat one of the nurses made for her, b) they're small enough where you won't get lost in a sea of volunteers and c) baby things are just way too fun to make.

To address a (the) question in my comments (yes, plural!!): Yes, I did make the bunny. She's made out of 100% mohair. My first time working with it. It was fun, but I don't want to make a garment with that fiber anytime soon. You can find her pattern here. She's basically a knit square and the bunny magically appears after you sew her up according to the chart. The next time I knit it, I think I'd go with a 9" square. It's a bit on the small size. Word of caution - don't overstuff. That's all I got to say about that.


Laura said...

That little bunny is so cute! I love that pattern. I linked it to The Preemie Project website. I would love to get some of those donated.

Did you join the yahoo Bears and Blankets group? You had mentioned festive items. Well Bev, the bears and blankets moderator, is having a contest for red/white/blue hats. It's from today until I believe 7/1. There are three prizes. The top prize is $25 of baby yarn and three pattern books. It's gonna be fun! =0)

emy said...

I added you to the Baby KAL :)

Keep up your great work!