Friday, May 27, 2005

I hate holiday Fridays

Well, it's more of a love/hate relationship really. I love that there are less people in the office and lighter traffic but I hate the "will we be let go early?" agony. All signs so far are pointing towards no. Bummer. It's a beautiful day right now, but it's not supposed to last. No worries. I still need to run out for lunch and may need to include a trip to a store that sells yarn to lift my spirits.

Last night, I finished the CIC vest. I'm pretty happy with it overall. It's a beautiful garment. One concern is the neck opening. I need to try it out on Peanut to see if it's too small. Don't know what I'll do if it is. I guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I have yet to photograph it, so no pictures. I do have photos of the Marina layette to post. I'll do that later today.

I cast on for the Baby Alison layette (finally!). She's due in less than a week. They live in Indianapolis, so her gift will be mailed anyway. After I finish that, then I can work on some quick stuff for the Preemie Project. Once I finished the stripey sock, I probably won't do anything else for CIC until the fall and the weather cools. The wool was pretty warm to work with.

The Mister was supposed to be out of town this weekend, but his plans were cancelled. Is it bad to say that I'm kind of bummed about that? I was looking forward to some quality Peanut time and quiet knitting time. The Mister is a former ADD kid and still requires a great deal of attention to keep him happy. I don't mind it, well unless I'm concentrating on a pattern while watching TV. Then I get a little annoyed. I chose him, I gotta love him.

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Laura said...

You finished that vest quickly! I just adore you, you know that?! I so excited about everything. Great to find someone with similar interests who is as excited about everything as I am.
Do you have just one child? How old? I'll email you back soon. Promise!
Have a great weekend! Luv ya!