Friday, June 17, 2005

Dept of Public Security

Ok, so we had a user leave their laptop at the airport security checkpoint last night. Amazingly enough, the airport had it! Still in one piece. I volunteered for the field trip to retrieve it. What really made the trip?? Getting to the Dept of Public Safety office and find the spot next to where I parked the merc had the following on it's sign:

Reserved for Director of Homeland Security

This got me thinking two things:
1) How often does the DOHS come to town that he requires his own spot? Does he have a spot like this at every airport across the country? Is he driving himself? Why couldn't his sedan just drop him off rather than taking up a whole spot up front?

2) I seriously need to get a camera phone.

Grandpa's father's day cap out of the Rowan plaid is nearly finished. The Mister is quite impressed with it. He's also now denying that he ever said he did not want a handknit winter cap. It is a lovely hat with a simple cable running up each side. Knowing him, I doubt he'll ever wear it..but it's the thought that counts, right?

Big news? I attended my first Knit Guild meeting. What did I find there? A room full of lovely ladies. They brought lovely treats, which I did not partake to keep with the low carb regimen. I did find that just because I'm part of the TKGA, doesn't mean I'm part of the Plymouth Woolgatherer's Guild. I'm a little unsettled about this, but will worry more about it next month when I return and speak to the lady in white. I never got a name and she left before I could inquire. So, what happened at said Guild meeting?? They had a real, structured meeting. Reminded me of my Key Club & AKPsi days...ahh, memories. Then they had a break for everyone to have time to enjoy the yummies. Then a program, or lesson. This month was different bind offs. They had a couple of variations on the 3 needle, and a suspended and a picot bind off. I'd been intrigued by the picot bind off before, so I was pretty excited about learning it. I had a good time and will probably be back again next month. Check your local guild! If it's anything like the one here, it's like getting together with your grandma and her girlfriends to talk shop, eat some delicious treats and get a free knitting lesson. What's not to love?

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