Monday, June 06, 2005

Good Intentions

Two weeks ago my doc put me on a low carb diet and meds with side effects that support such a diet. I've been doing really well and am down 5 lbs. Certainly not enough to notice. The Mister calls last night while out with Peanut. He says, "I've noticed you've been doing really well on your diet and thought I would reward you for all of your efforts with a trip to Dairy Dan's!" Dairy Dan's is the hometown equivalent to Dairy Queen. I personally think it's better than DQ, but that's my opinion. Now, the Mister never notices when I'm dieting, so I must be doing a good job. Mister also never makes the offer to do anything. And I adore ice cream. He has good intentions in his offer and that's how I take it...and take him up on it. We walk over there with Peanut and go in. I order Peanut her very first ice cream cone (she normally just eats off ours) and look to find the diet friendly ice cream selection. The only thing that remotely qualifies is no sugar added butter pecan. Now, I love butter pecan. Butter pecan is one of my comfort foods. Both of my grandfathers are/were butter pecan eaters. When I was in college and home sick, a good pint of butter pecan would do the trick. It is my friend. I opted for a single scoop of the NSA butter pecan in a dish. Here's where I have grounds for divorce: The Mister waits for me and Peanut to order and then proceeds to order a chocolate waffle cone with a scoop of black cherry and a scoop of Anniversary cake ice cream. Why is this an issue? It's my "usual" order. I've never, ever seen him eat black cherry ice cream. He never even tasted mine!! He usually goes for the chocolate/peanut butter or cookies & cream kind of ice creams. Cruel, cruel, cruel. We get out the picnic tables and sit down. Not being able to resist, I point out the obvious to him. He looks at the cone dumbfounded and then looks at me and says, "Yeah I guess it is your usual..didn't even think." DIDN'T EVEN THINK?!?! He remedied it with a taste of each scoop and an "I'm sorry". The NSA butter pecan turned out to be delicious. You could really taste the pecans, not just some sugary substance. I'm going to have to try it again sometime. And mind you, if you ever have the chance to try Anniversary Cake ice cream. Do so. Imagine cake flavored ice cream with pieces of frosting throughout. It's de-lish!

Knitting, yeah we've got knitting for you...First off, let me say that I'd been looking pretty hard at the photos of the CIC vest and thinking, it doesn't look like I remember. How could that be? It's been in my possession. No one's had it...then I look at the garment itself. Looks strange too. Maybe, that's because it's INSIDEOUT! I'll have to take another photo of it rightside out so you can see the nice cables.

I seemed up the second sleeve on the baby Alison sweater and am now working on the body. Hope to be finished this week. I think I'm getting a little burnt out on the baby sweaters. Definitely time for some instant gratification knitting...speaking of which, I started a preemie hat in the round with white TLC sport yarn. So far so good! It's a nice switch. Since it's white, it'll count for the Bears&Blankets red,white&blue hat challenge this month. I know there's no chance of winning, but I don't want a goose egg score!

Pepper's appointment is at 4. Please pray for a simple infection that can be cured with diet and a dose of meds. We'll deal with anything else when the time comes.

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Laura said...

Janette I don't konw how I managed to miss this post! I bet you were mad at the hubby for that one. How dare he! I love ice cream too and my fav is mint chocolate chip. If my BF did that to me I'd be upset too.

Hey that sweater is inside out! I didn't see it before. =0) That's funny!

I hope the kitty is doing better. poor thing. I hope everything is well with you too, healthwise and everything else.
Have a good one!