Saturday, June 04, 2005

Oh kitty kitty...

Well, Pepper's been part of our family for a week now. Yesterday, the Mister accidentally stepped on her. Last night, she jumped each time I moved my foot. Today, she peed on our bed. Oy. Mister and Peanut are totally attached just after a week. We called a local vet and have an appointment scheduled for Monday. Funds are tight here at the homestead, so talk of kidney stones and surgery makes me a little nervous. Keep your fingers crossed it's just a UTI that needs some meds. For inspiration, here's a picture of the feline princess:

Last weekend I completed the CIC vest. I finally got around to photographing it. Looks pretty good! After I finish the other magic stripes sock, I'll send it along to CIC. Then it's on to items for the Preemie Project. Quite honestly, I'm itching to do up a teeny pair of that may happen this weekend.

Baby Allison arrived on Wednesday! She and mom are doing well and are now home. I'm done with the yoke and one sleeve of her sweater. The other sleeve just needs to be seamed before I can go on an finish the body. The Mister will decide if we go with a bonnet or stocking cap.

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Laura said...

what a cute kitty! That vest did turn out very nicely. It look slike you always do a nice job. I hope that you're having a good week so far. I apologize for not emailing you sooner. Things are better here as I think I've patched things up with my BF. I hope you're doin good too. =0)