Saturday, July 16, 2005

Let's talk about delicious...

Before anything else, I have to rave about something I found at our local Meijer. Philly Swirl Sugar Free Swirl Stix just may be one of the greatest ice cream treats I've ever come across. For those of us low carbing, it has zero net carbs. Yep, zero! I can't tell you how delicious these are. Philly Swirl is a small company that deserves a second look at their product. If you want a yummy summer treat, try and find a box of these!

Speaking of Meijer...they've finally gotten on the yarn band wagon! Peanut and I made a trip there last week and we went to visit the yarn. With our newly imposed budgeting, that's all I'm allowed to do now. Prior to last week, the yarn and notions selection at Meijer was sad to say the least. Wow, have they ever gotten their act together. They've gone the few colors of many route, but it's nice to have a variety. They now carry a Patons 100% wool yarn. This is especially exciting because the only place I could get 100% wool yarn in colors was my overpriced LYS. They also have a good selection of baby yarns. They have Caron's Bliss. Man oh man...if you want something soft, grab a skein of this. It's not cheap, but it's worth the softness.

In other news, The Preemie Project is really picking up. Laura's doing a great job with this. She's on vacation this week, so I'm stepping in as moderator of the group. Let's hope I can live up to the expectation set! Laura left big shoes to fill. For any of the group that frequent my blog, have some patience with me guys.

We didn't plan this, but I'll be on vacation next week too. Difference being my vacations mean just not going to work! I'll take that for now. When our family isn't so new and more established, we'll actually go somewhere. Peanut's day care is shut down for the week, so she's home with momma. Monday, I have to go in to work so she'll be spending the day with her great Aunt Jack and Great Grandma. I'm more concerned about them than her. On Wednesday, she'll be back with them again so that I can attend the Ann Arbor Art Fair. I've gone every year except for the year I was pregnant...since 1988. Just couldn't do it while battling pre-eclampsia and 50 lbs of water weight. I'm hoping my recent 21 lb (YES! 21 pounds!) will make the trip a bit more enjoyable. It's like mixing power shopping, an art exhibit, crowd surfing and 90 degree heat. Not for the faint of heart.

In crafty news, I created *yet another* baby blanket. This time I'm just playing with a simple double crochet and a skein of Homespun Baby. I figure I'll just go until I run out of yarn, then pick it up again when I acquire another skein of the homespun in a coordinating color. I think I needed an unstructured project to just chill out with. The Mister keeps telling me my hobby is stressing me out and it's not going to be fun. He even offered to buy me the new Harry Potter book to take a break with. There are days when I do just adore that man!!

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