Sunday, July 10, 2005

You can't handle the cute...

That's what I keep thinking as I look at these. My biggest issue with booties is picking up stitches along the gusset. (Is it still a "gusset" if it's a bootie and not a sock?) I found this great pattern by Sandy Miner. I can't for the life of me find where I got it. I thought I got it from the Warm the Baby website, but can't find that either. Anywho... I took her awesome pattern and reworked it for a preemie size. I have an email into her for permission to post it here and donate it to the Preemie Project. Super quick knit. I can't believe how fast they worked up. These were worked in the Wendy Peter Pan yarn that I made the Baby Grant hat in. The lady at Knit A Round thought it was a light worsted weight yarn. I used US 6 needles. I simply went with a single strand of yarn for the ties. This yarn is so unbelievable that I thought that'd be good enough. I can only hope for a photo of the adorable model wearing them.

For some size perspective, I placed a quarter and one of Peanut's Preemie socks next to the bootie. The sock is a bit stretched out as I keep putting it on my finger and saying, "Look how tiny her foot was!" I only wish I'd thought enough to have taken a photo of those teeny feet. I couldn't help but stare at them each time I visited her. So very tiny. Who knew they could be that small? She was 4 lbs 6 ozs. Baby Grant was 3 lbs 2 ozs, I can only imagine how the sight of his teeny feet would make me swoon.

This weekend was pretty quiet for the family. We spent some time on lockdown. We haven't done that in about a month. So what does that mean? We watched a lot of TV, played with Peanut and ate from the fridge. Also means I didn't make the goals I'd set to work on The Preemie Project stuff. Sorry, Laura. I feel terrible about that. Mister has a date with the WWE tomorrow night and I plan on spending some quality time with the marketing materials. The only thing that doesn't make me feel totally horrible is the chance I'll have the bootie pattern cleared for donation. Did I mention how fast they knit up? I'm all about instant gratification.

In other will seriously suck this week. That's all I'm gonna say about that. I took the brave step onto the scale this morning and found that I'm down 17 lbs in 6 1/2 weeks. I'm still in total shock and awe over that. Don't question, just keep doing what I'm doing...seems to be working somehow. Few last is of Pepperino and her lounging glory.

The others are from out trip to the zoo. I just got a good look at these and am amazed at how cool they look. The zoo has the world's largest polar bear exhibit. It is amazing! While there, we saw the brand new baby cub and it's momma hanging out on their meadow. As we wound our way down to the tunnel, we were told by a guide that one of the bears was swimming in the tunnel and to hurry to catch it. This is the awesome sight we saw:

How often can you say a polar bear walked over you? If you're ever in the Metro Detroit area, please take the time to visit the Detroit Zoo. It's not actually in Detroit, but in Royal Oak. They also have an amazing butterfly garden that must be seen to be believed. No photos will ever do the experience justice.


Jan said...

Nice booties! I'm working on Preemie booties myself this morning. I don't pick up stitches, though. I tried one pattern like that, but it was such a pain that I decided I would do different ones in the future.

Love your zoo pictures!!!

Libby said...

Great booties!

Thanks for commenting on my site.

My only advice on blankets is that anyone can sew a baby blanket. Seriously. I can barely sew a straight line. Just decide how big you want it. Cut the fabric 1/2" larger to allow for seams. Put right sides together and seam around leaving an opening. Turn inside out. Top stitch around. Or you could use a binding.

Laura said...

Cute booties! You need to stop worrying about the amount of knitting you're getting done. I'm telling you, you're just doing so great! You need to give yourself credit for the big project you're taking on. I've been really surprised at how busy I have been with TPP. I've had a couple of days the past week where I was at the computer 6-7 hrs.

I still have a list of things a page long that I need to do. This is all great news. It means that things are happening! YEA!!! Just you wait Janette. You're going to be very busy with your chapter very soon. Remember to let me know if you need anything. I've been thinking about the things in your email and I will get back to you by tomorrow at the latest.

Give peanut a hug for me!

heather said...

I have those same exact pictures from the zoo when we went there a couple of weeks ago! That was my favorite, I think.

Booties are adorable, btw.