Sunday, April 30, 2006

3 Miles and 30 Years

Team Lainey participated in Walk America this morning. We had a fabulous time! The weather was perfect! So perfect that it could have been custom ordered! Peanut rode in her wagon rather than the stroller this year. I think she enjoyed being able to see around her a whole lot more. She certainly enjoyed yelling out "baby!!" and "dog!" every chance she got. There were a lot of babies and dogs there today. I'm not sure as to how much our team raised this year. I do know it's not as much as last year. Doesn't matter, though. Every dollar counts! We're looking forward to next year and possibly having t-shirts done. I'm tired, but what a great feeling.

I've been working on old projects in an attempt to get them finished up. I've added a couple of inches to the Larry scarf and Peanut's jumper is coming along. Nothing too exciting to photograph just yet. I am totally in love with the Reid sweater from Knitty. I can't help it, I have a thing for girly little sweaters. I will resist a) purchasing yarn for it or b) starting it before Larry and the jumper are finished.

My friends Meggan, Michele and I all have birthdays within a two week period. We're all 30 this year. Meggan is marking the day by traipsing through Ireland with her family seeing where her Grandfather grew up. How utterly cool is that? I'm so jealous. She and her sister are spending the last two days of the trip in Paris. She has promised to bring me back yarn. She's a sometimes knitter, the kind that has to be re-taught each time she picks up her needles. I've been very vague about what I'd like. Something Irish that is not acrylic. Told her to do the same in Paris if she gets a free moment. Can't wait to see what she picks. My friend Michele is marking the year by selling her house, quitting her job and moving to Arizona to live with her sister and return to school for her Master's. My 30th is Wednesday. Mister has hinted there won't be much to mark it. Hey, thanks. I have to work this year, normally I take it off. I think I'm going to try and do something for myself and try to live a healthier life. That's the greatest gift I could give myself...besides yarn. :)

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