Saturday, April 15, 2006

Project Spectrum - April's Oranges & Yellows

Here are some photos of the orange and yellow things around the house.

Vintage CMU Bookstore Bag My favorite notecards CMU baby blanket on USM

Afghan gram made circa 1977 Unity candle, fav frame good ol' Tide

New project bag Mister's drink of choice Favorite lotion

We have new neighbors. The house next to us has been empty until last month. We didn't see or hear them much until the weather got nicer. They aren't really friendly and she could win a prize for the number of four letter words in her vocabulary. Problem is that she tends to string them together at a high volume with the windows open. Oy. I feel just awful for their 7 year old daughter. Mister and I have talked about trying to become cordial with them and invite her over to play with Peanut. Poor Peanut stands at the dining room window and yells out "Hello girl!! Girl come play?" We don't know her name, but Peanut has decided to call her "Girl" until we do I guess. Our other neighbors, who are beyond fabulous, have 3 boys that she normally plays with. They're on vacation for the next 10 days or so, though. She's a little starved from kid action.

We may take Peanut with my nephew, brother & sister-in-law (little man will stay with g-ma) to see The Wild tonight. Peanut's never been to a movie, so we thought it might be fun to go. I adore Eddie Izzard and he's the voice of the Koala. We had plans to see him live, but we found out Peanut would be due around the same time of the show. Some day.

Speaking of shows....I'm going to be 30 this year. (and I'm ok with that, 25 was hard 30 will be easy) Before Mister, I attended concerts like most people go to the movies. That was back when I lived with the parents and had a lot of disposable income...and before I really got into knitting. I haven't been to see a show since May 2003. This is huge for me. I saw Poison with Cinderella & Skid Row while six months pregnant. Not a whole lot kept me from going...except now. Peanut's expensive and so is a house. Anyway, back to the birthday...Kenny Chesney is coming in August with Carrie Underwood, Gretchen Wilson and Dierks Bentley. Mister and I got tickets for our birthday presents. I'm so excited about it, it's not even funny!! We were huge American Idol fans and never missed an episode the season Carrie won. Mister has a crush on Gretchen Wilson and we both like Dierks Bentley. It should be a really fun time.


Dana said...

Hey! Great score on the Kenny Chesney tix, I'm so jealous. I'd love to see all of them in one venue. Happy birthday and enjoy!

Tricotine said...

Great Project Spectrum photos!
Are you ready for GREEN in May?

I hope Peanut will have a friendly new little friend soon... Poor thing!

Have fun at the concert! So, exciting!

And, Happy birthday to you!!!

PS: Thank you for your comment on my blog!

Isabelle :)