Wednesday, April 05, 2006


That sums up the night. I e-wrapped 160 needles on the USM. Yeah, that's a lot. I don't like to do panels, so it's gotta be all one piece. It took about 3 hrs to get it all set, the hem hung and 6 rows knit. I got a seed stitcher, so I figured I'd do the edges in garter stitch. Tonight I realize it's a bit more than I want to convert by hand. I did two rows of waste yarn and walked away. I'll decide tomorrow night how I want to proceed. I was hoping to have a baby blanket done by Friday for our good friend's sister's baby shower. If I'd stuck to my tried and true pattern, I'd be nearly finished by now. Bummer. Live and learn. It'll learn it's fate tomorrow once I figure it out.

I heard from my Project Spectrum Post Card Swap buddy, Aleta. Not sure if she has a blog just yet. She does have twin 8 year old boys and a menagerie of pets. This is going to be a lot fun! She lives on an island near Seattle with a ferry and bridge to get around. So cool!!

I'm finally through the lace edging of Peanut's tunic. Now it's just a 12x1 rib for the skirt. I'm not putting pressure on for it. Just needs to be done by the time she has pictures at preschool.

I don't have pictures of any of my knitting WIPs, but here are some of Peanut over the last few weeks. Including her big road trip.
Here we are ready to go!!!

My hair is at the mercy of 2 men!

Dear Mom - send pretties & detangling spray
I'm in here somewhere...


Laura said...

OH MY HEAVENS!! Your little Peanut is so cute and looks so much like Emeline. And the hair. heh Yep - Emeline's would look just like that if she was at the mercy of two men. lol

Your Postcard Pal lives in a really cool sounding place! I bet sometimes the Ferry can't run due to weather like some of the islands in the upper Great Lakes (thinking of Beaver Island).

Amy said...

Those photos are just way to cute! I can't wait to see your photos of WIPs..