Thursday, April 20, 2006

Called Back to Work!

Mister's been unemployed since early February. Two weeks ago, we had a conversation about him possibly getting a part time job at the local auto parts store to save his sanity. We looked at the financials and decided against it. Yesterday morning, the union called. He's been placed on a job site at the hospital Peanut was born at. It's potentially a two year gig, but it's not plumbing. He called this morning to say it's the easiest job he's ever had by far. So with our day care provider on vacation, I'm home with Peanut until Monday. It's been fun so far. 2 1/2 is such a cool age.

As a celebration of his new job, we took Peanut to see The Wild yesterday evening. I did my homework. It's a rated G movie and it was rated along the same lines as her favorites (TS1 & 2, Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, etc) I was confident The Wild would be appropriate as a first movie for our little miss. I would like to personal slap the person(s) that decided it should be a G movie. It should have been PG for sure. We would have done better with the scary crocs in Ice Age 2, I believe. She never cried or anything and acted fine in the theater, but insisted on holding my hand the whole way home and kept saying "Don't let go, mom". A large portion of the movie is quite dark and any scene with the wildebeest is kind of scary. It was not funny. There were plenty of one liners we chuckled at, but not enough to make the entire thing enjoyable. Don't go see this movie, kids or not. It's not worth the money. I love Eddie Izzard, but even he couldn't save this one. It was just bad.

I'm still working on Sisters. I think I'll be saying this for a while now. It's about 3" long now. The lovely, in blog limbo, Erin gave me some advice on continental knitting. By golly, it finally worked. I've tried this several times before, but it was Erin's suggestion of the double wrap on the index finger that finally got it. I've even figured out how to purl. This makes the 12+1 rib go a lot of quicker. I tried it with the Larry the Trapper Guy scarf, but it was too much back & forth to make it worth while. Also, it made the CottonEase feel like rope in my hands. Very strange.

I'm about halfway through A Million Little Pieces. Very good book. Two more books arrived this week from Paper Back Swap. I think I'm all set for summer deck reading. I've got about 3 hrs into Kingdom Hearts. I am so in love with this game. I can't believe I didn't like it when we first bought the PS2. It's so much fun!! That's about it from here. Peanut's in bed taking a nap, so I may watch Narnia. Or I may grab my book and go bask in the sunshine on the deck. So many options!


Amby said...

Hooray for a new job! Thanks for the heads up about The Wild, we were thinking about taking our niece and nephews! Yikes!

Erin said...

Okay, okay- I can take a hint Janette! I promise to get my site up and running this very weekend. You will be the first person I tell! Congrats on the continental- isn't it a beautiful thing? I have yet to try to purl!

Laura said...

Congrats on the new job!! Oh it's such a blessing when small miracles come along.

Your comments about The Wild bring up thoughts of Lion King (some sinister and frightening scenes there), and what about Pinnochio? The first time I saw it at the theater I was an adult and it scared me when he was eaten by the whale!! And how about Disney's version of the Hunchback? Very disturbing scene of the priest battling his inner demons regarding his impure thoughts about Esmerelda. I'm not against Disney films old or new, but yeah... there's some scary stuff out there. It's not all Winnie the Pooh.