Sunday, April 02, 2006

Home Safe and Sound

Mister and Peanut arrived home Friday night around 10 o'clock. Peanut was slumped over the seat like she hadn't slept in days. I carried her in and then watched her weave a staggered line into the family room to catch a few minutes of SpongeBob before going to bed. She and dad had a great time bonding. She only wanted dad to help her get ready for bed or to snuggle with. Old habits die hard, though. At 4 a.m., I heard a faint "mommy, moooommmm" coming from her room.

We had a birthday party and a neighborhood get together yesterday. Today, it was my Grandparents' 57th wedding anniversary. We spent the day at their house. The grandparents that have everything were thrilled when the family landscaping team showed up to clean up the yard. Mister overheard Grandma say they were considering paying someone to come in and take care of it. Yard work is a much better gift than another knicknack that'll only collect dust. Peanut got to ride the electric car her aunt bought her last year. I got some great photos of the day, but they're still in the camera.

On the knitting front, not much has been done since Thursday night. I'm 7 rows into the Sisters pattern. I should be twenty rows...I got 13 rows into what I thought was a flawless project and found that with 260 stitches crammed onto a 24" needle, I'd missed a tiny twisted stitch when joining and hadn't noticed it until the fabric was long enough to see the flip. If you're doing the math, let me just confirm...that's 3,380 stitches + 260 cast on stitches that had to be ripped out. To add insult to injury, it wasn't plain stockinette either. In my frustration, I pulled my 32" needle out of the new shawl project (Don't ask) and cast on again. So much easier to deal with on the 32" than the 24". It's taking a bit to get through the rounds, but the 12 by 1 ribbing making up the majority of the skirt should go a lot quicker. I'm hoping to have it finished in time for her to go to preschool.

Ok, so I'm watching Gray's Anatomy. They claim to have made a sweater in a single day. Now, the needles and yarn were quite bulky...but seriously. I think it's fabulous the lovely docs are knitting while observing surgery and checking in on patients but a single day sweater is a bit of a stretch to me. My relatives are going to see this and wonder why I don't have sweaters done in a day. My butt will never be as small as the girls on TV and my sweaters will never be done as quickly. Next thing you know, they'll be airbrushing cables into plain sweaters.

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