Saturday, April 15, 2006

Just Checking In..

Peanut and I visited the Easter Bunny at the mall yesterday. What a nightmare. She was a trooper. Not a tear was shed, but she refused to sit on his lap and they wound up having to crop me out of the photo. I'll take it. It almost looks like she's imitating him.

I think something's up with Yahoo. Well, when isn't something up with Yahoo? I've just noticed today that my daily digests from my groups aren't coming through. Interesting. Who knows what I've missed, but I'm sure I'll survive.

I've done some Project Spectrum homework, but need to get the photos uploaded to post them. Knitting photos will be here soon, I promise.

In exciting family news, we did the taxes tonight. Nothing like last minute, huh? Good news is that it looks like we're getting enough back to carry out the plans we had for it and buy the porch swing I've fallen in love with at Costco. You will be mine comfy green swing! This is also good news because Erin and I have decided to give Clapotis a try. While neither one of us can justify the Lion & Lamb purchase, we're going to find something else worth of it. I think the swing will be a great place to work on it.

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Erin said...

Janette- Yay for the tax returns, comfy swings and the Clapotis. Boo to the tax man in general. I can't wait to get started. The socks on two cirs I'm attempted at City Knits are going to kill me, so I'm anxious to do soemthing different! Let's figure out our yarn sub!